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Attack Dogs, Kill 5-year-old child trying to catch a kite near Dump Yard

A pack of stray mutts battered a 5-year-old boy to pass while he was attempting to capture a kite close a dump yard. The occurrence happened within the northern Indian state of Punjab on Tuesday when neighborhood residents were celebrating the yearly kite-flying festival. Some individuals saw the child, recognized as it were by his to begin with title Ravneet, being dragged by the stray mutts. They protected the boy and surged him to an adjacent clinic but he was pronounced dead there. The victim's mother, who worked as a house offer assistance, was at work at the time. "I was at work when someone educated me that my child was assaulted by stray mutts. I wake up at 5 am and work as a residential offer assistance within the town. My spouse cleared out us a year back. I was taking care of two girls, matured 13 and 10, and my child,"Meena Rani, the child's mother, told the Hindustan Times. Paramjit Kaur, a resident of the town said, "The family is destitute and Meena is caring for all her children alone. The stray pooches moreover assault the local people and cattle. One can't go in