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Caught On Camera: Family Chases Bulldog Puppy Hoodlums In North Hollywood

Family individuals chase men who stole two puppies from their North Hollywood domestic Friday, Feb . 12, 2021. Police are trying to find two men who stole one or two bulldog puppies from a North Hollywood family after ambushing one of the proprietors in a violent ambush that was caught on camera. Ana Vásquez battled against one of the assailants within the robbery of her two puppies final Friday at her residence. “Then he comes and hits me once more and when I see that he hits me, I run to the entrywaynear the entryway, and he tosses the puppy out the window," said Vásquez. The arrangement of occasions driving to the burglary and attack started when a lady reached the family to inquire to see the puppies with the thought of ​​adopting one, concurring to Vásquez. Insecurity camera video, Vasquez can be seen strolling in with the lady, who was anticipated to be alone. She wasn't alone for long. A small afterward, a man who is gathered to be the woman's brother arrived. After entering the house, the man brought a third person who, a A puppy can cost anywhere from $3,200 to $5,000," Osvaldo said. "The puppy that we offered that girl to adopt cost $5,000."

Vásquez family says that social systems are an awesome medium where these puppies and cheats can be found so they inquire the open to be alarm and to contact Los Angeles police in the event that they see anything suspicious.