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Mackenthun: Victory Of Nebraska Chasing Trip Depends On Dog's Nose

Southern Nebraska wears her best colors within the dropblending hearty browns with a thorough catalog of yellows. Cedar lined edges drop into rolling slopes adjoining stream valleys, where open lands planted with enormous bluestem, switchgrass, Indian grass, and dried up coneflowers organize like a mosaic mix in a Tuscan sun. Picked corn and soybean areas lie uncovered but unbroken, their butter- and flaxen-colored stubble and squander grains a welcome to adjacent natural life. Picked milo areas are the little diversion hunter’s dream; columns of tall, butterscotch stalks extend to fence push edges and down into confined gorge islands. The cover is thick, and nourishment is inexhaustible; milo’s currant-colored tops are scattered between lines shaping a delicate dark red carpet. The dry developing season of 2020 made combine collecting challenging with numerous milo heads falling off sometimes recently being pulled into the machine. The result could be veritable devour for fowls, deer, rabbits, and rodents. It’s late November, and the mornings are