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mportant!! Cat Hydration & Dehydration Prevention

 important!! Cat Hydration & Dehydration Prevention

Why is Proper Hydration Important for Cats?

Hydration is the physiological state of balanced electrolytes, specific minerals and fluids within the body, and maintaining this balance is important. Water is vital because it affects everything from organ function and nutrient transportation to circulation and digestion.

What Causes Dehydration in Cats?

Most cats instinctively gravitate toward fresh, moving water. Conditions that make cats more prone to dehydration include chronic kidney disease and other conditions, such as diarrhea or diabetes.

This is known as «skin tenting» and is a sign of dehydration. They can give your cat fluids, rule out any potential illnesses and offer guidance on preventing dehydration in the future.

How Much Water Should a Cat Drink?

Cats need varying amounts of water based on their weight and the type of food they eat . Although many cats struggle to stay hydrated, some cats can drink too much water.

How to Get a Cat to Drink Water

Put fresh water in her bowl one to two times a day. Although it can’t replace water altogether, supplementing with wet food can help increase her overall water intake to help prevent dehydration. If your cat still isn’t drinking enough water, talk to your veterinarian. They may recommend a cat hydration supplement or give you more tips to help increase your cat’s water intake.

Not only do cats drink water, but it’s vital for their survival. Keeping your cat hydrated will help keep her happy and healthy. Explore all the wet cat food options we offer to help increase your cat’s total water consumption. Always check with your veterinarian before adding new food to your cat’s diet.