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Is My Cat Stressed Out?

 Is My Cat Stressed Out?

Some stressful situations can be good for keeping a cat engaged and stimulated – allowing your cat to feel new sensations through play and exposure to the outdoors is a positive example of stress. But chronic stress can lead to health issues in your cat. Watch for the signs of chronic stress, like changes in your cat’s appetite or sleeping patterns, a drop in energy, or withdrawal.

Changes in the Home

Cats are sensitive to their environments, and constant changes in the home can make your cat feel like he or she is out of control.

Addition or Subtraction to the Social Circle

Similarly, the loss of family member – in the case of death, or even a child heading off to college – changes your cat’s social circle in a stressful way. Now would be the ideal time to try out leash walking with your pet – he or she will be allowed to explore the outdoors.