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Brain Training For Dog

 Brain Training For Dog

Does any of the following sound familiar…
  • Your dog doesn't listen to you
  • You need to train a new Puppy
  • Your dog barks uncontrollably
  • Your Dog is pulling on the leash
  • Your Dog is aggressive
  • Your Dog is chewing things he shouldn't
  • Your Dog is digging all the time
  • Your Dog is Jumping up
  • You're frustrated with your dog
  • You may even regret getting your Dog
  • You're worried you might have to give up your Dog because of behavior problems you can't handle
  • You feel helpless to control your dog
  • You tell your Dog ‘no’ with no success
  • Your Dog gets over excited and is hard to settle down
  • Your Dog is whining constantly
  • Your dog has a fear of certain sounds or stimuli or suffers from anxiety
  • You want a dog who obeys you
  • You want a better bond with your dog
  • You want less stress
  • Almost ANY behavior problem you can think of can be quickly and easily cured with the

     simple techniques I'm about to show you.

    A little about me…and why I can help you…

    As you know - my name is Adrienne Farricelli.

    I'm a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer living in Arizona with my husband and our two amazing Rottweilers, Einstein and Petra. Needless to say, I'm passionate about dogs and absolutely love what I do.

    I have also:

    • Had my work featured in USA Today and Every Dog magazine.
    • Contributed to How and All Experts.
    • Helped thousands of struggling dog owners all over the world.
    • Run a successful cage-less board and train company.
    • Provided training to service dogs for military veterans.
    • The Science behind my dog training system

      The science behind my system of correcting bad behaviors is simple.

      You may have heard of the idea of ‘neuroplasticity’ in the human brain.

      It's a well established idea researched heavily at Harvard and other leading universities.

      In other words – our brains are like soft plastic – always capable of molding and changing to learn new habits and behaviors.

      Well your dog's brain is the EXACT same.

      With the right mental stimulation and training… (That you will get in my program) your dog's brain will become more open and receptive to learning new information.

      Your dog will listen to you and better understand what you are telling him to do.

      When this happens - your dog's bad behaviors simply fade away as more desirable ones appear in their place.


      The bottom line is…

      More intelligent Dogs are better behaved and more obedient

      It makes perfect sense if you think about it.

      A more intelligent dog has the capacity to take commands easier and understand what you need from him.

      In my 10 years as a dog trainer, I realized pretty quickly that more intelligent dogs are much easier to train bad habits out of and teach new skills to.

      It's the same with children really.

      If a child is bored and not stimulated intellectually - they tend to misbehave and cause trouble.

      When you stimulate your dog's mind correctly with a very specific set of games I'm going to show you…

      • Your dog's problem behaviors can fade away
      • Your dog will be better behaved and more obedient
      • Your dogs ability to learn will skyrocket
      • Your dog's temperament will improve
      • Your bond with your dog will become stronger
      • Your dog's health will improve

      Why ANYBODY can use my system to eradicate bad behaviors and have a really well behaved Dog?

      (Even if you're dealing with a really stubborn or difficult dog)

      This is a great question! The reasons are quite simple really…

      Because I cover every conceivable problem you can have with your dog and show you how to change it including:

      • Potty training
      • Dealing with aggression
      • Jumping
      • Digging
      • Whining
      • Chewing
      • Excessive barking
      • Impulse control
      • Hyperactivity
      • Ignoring your commands
      • And much more…

      Because you get force-free, easy to understand directions, troubleshooting guides, step-by-step guides, and pictures and video demonstrations you can use with any dog to quickly unlock his natural intelligence and eliminate bad behaviors. Quite literally I've compressed years of study of hundreds of problem dogs into a ‘paint-by numbers’ system for creating the wonderfully well-behaved pet you desire. I will show you why the formula is structured the way it is without wasting a moment of your valuable time.

      Because I'm here to personally provide support to you through my easy-to-use support system. My many years of expertise will guide you to success.

      Because you get A HUGE archive covering almost every dog behavior problem you could think of…With tailor-made solutions for behavior problems which tackle the root cause…all created by a certified professional trainer with years of experience.

      Because you get access to a private forum where you can discuss dog behavior, training, and everything "dog" with other like-minded owners.

      Because you get a simple-to-follow process. Ask any successful dog trainer and they will tell you that simplicity is the key to training a well-behaved dog. My system is so easy to follow; it virtually tells you everything you need to do to make any dog well behaved with no behavioral problems.

      Because all my clients have used my dog training FORMULA, so you know it works. Using the exact same training formula I'm about to share with you, I have successfully trained countless dogs for my real-world clients.

      Because I've got an outstanding track record helping my clients create dramatic changes in their pet's behaviors.

      Here's a small sample…

      “WOW! Wish we had had this info 3 years ago! In just the last few hours our sibling boys have lowered the intensity and length of barking episodes by at least 50%!!! I can't wait to see the results a month from now!!”

      Because ALL the insider secrets I share with you have been battle-tested to work in the real world of dog training. None of this stuff is fluff theory.

      Because you get to the real individual root cause behind each problem you are dealing with, like chewing or barking or aggressive behavior to other dogs - and get a tailored solution for each problem. The ‘all-encompassing solutions’ of most dog training programs simply do not work because they fail to treat your dog as an individual.

      I have condensed all my knowledge of how to release the natural intelligence inside your dog into an online platform with over 21 games for improving his obedience and behavior. Plus you get a huge library of information on how to change specific problem behaviors.


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